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For the LMSW- Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision Information

I am a board approved clinical supervisor for LMSWs in Texas seeking clinical licensure. I have seen or experienced just about every situation you can imagine as a social worker so I believe I can be a helpful mentor on the journey to clinical licensure. I have worked in a hospital, an outpatient mental health clinic, and have now settled into my private practice. My experience in all of these areas would make me a good fit for LMSWs who may also be working in those settings, or who are very interested in starting up their own private practice once fully licensed.
My practice is trauma-informed, person-centered, and social justice oriented. I draw from a variety of therapy modalities to customize the therapy experience for each of my clients based on their unique needs. I have developed my therapy style over years of continuous education, learning to trust myself and my skills, and through the guidance of my own supervisor and other important mentors I had the pleasure of working with. My goal is to help my supervisees feel fully supported throughout their supervision and to complete it feeling prepared and confident in their abilities.
Please reach out to me if you have additional questions or if you are interested in getting supervision started.

Supervision Requirements
Supervisees must engage in at least 100 hours of supervision by a board-approved supervisor while completing a minimum of 3,000 hours of clinical experience under a board-approved supervisor.
Supervision & clinical hours must be completed in a timeframe of no fewer than 24 months and no more than 48 months.
Supervisees must participate in at least 4-hours of supervision each calendar month AND at least 2 supervisory sessions each calendar month.
Supervision hours can be completed over a combination of individual and group sessions and may be fully virtual.

Does My Job Count as Clinical Social Work?
According to the Social Work Board, if you assess, diagnose, and treat mental health issues using DSM-V criteria for a minimum of four hours per week, your position is considered clinical. It may be helpful to speak to your employer about updating your job description if you perform these duties, so that you have proof of your eligibility for the board.
Some employers will reimburse you for your supervision cost and/or allow for time off to attend, so be sure to ask them!
To apply for supervision please contact me. I will ask that you submit the following:
  1. Resume

  2. Letter of permission to receive supervision outside your employer- The Board requires a letter on company/agency letterhead from your current supervisor at the job you will be using to obtain your clinical hours.

  3. Job description on your agency’s letterhead, signed.

  4. Two (2) professional references

  5. Clinical supervision plan form 3, located at:

Links to General Information

Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners Statutes and Rules

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